22 Inches So Far, Another 2-3 feet Possibly by Thursday Afternoon

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report:

The storm performed as expected the past 24 hours, dropping 17 at the base and 22 inches on the upper mountain.

Tuesday - Thursday:

The winds continue to gust hard on the upper mountain today as the storm continues.  Winds this morning are still gusting up to 100 mph up top closing upper mountain lifts.  We are expected the strong winds to continue through Wednesday, and then come down some Thursday.

The precip intensity is expected to back off some today as the moisture stream shifts north.  Then it pushes back to the south over Tahoe again tonight into Wednesday morning with heavy snow returning.  Then it shifts south Wednesday with some lighter precip Wednesday.  Then later Wednesday night into Thursday morning we could see a final wave of heavier precip.  Then showers Thursday afternoon before the storm clears out by Thursday night.

Snow levels may jump above the base today up to 7,000 feet with some rain at the base.  Snow levels should fall to the base again tonight with the heavier snow pushing back in.  Then Wednesday snow levels could rise just above the base again before falling again Wednesday night into Thursday.

We could see an additional 4-7 inches at the base, and 10-16 inches on the mountain by Tuesday morning.  Then another 1-3 inches at the base and 6-9 inches on the mountain by Thursday morning.  A final 3-7 inches are possible Thursday before the storm ends.  Storm totals by Thursday evening could be 3.5-4.5+ feet on the mountain.  

Weekend Storm:

We could see a break Thursday night into Friday, with some sun, lighter winds, and temperatures into the 30's on Friday. 

By Saturday morning we are expecting the next storm to move in.  We could start as snow and change to rain at the base through Sunday with snow levels hovering between 6,000-7,000 feet.  Up on the mountain, we could see light-moderate snow Saturday into Saturday night and scattered snow showers Sunday before the storm clears out by Sunday night.  On the mountain, we could see 8-12+ inches of snow by Sunday afternoon.


We could see a break on Monday.  Then the next storm could move in next Tuesday into Wednesday.  There could be another storm behind that for the weekend of the 8th.

The active pattern could continue through the 2nd week of March.