21 Inches So Far, Another 3-5+ Feet Possible

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report:

Squaw picked up an additional 15 inches of snow in the past 24 hours on the mountain, and 14 inches at the base.  That brings the storm total to 21 inches so far.

Sunday - Tuesday Storm:

A cold trough is dropping down from the north on Sunday with two cold systems that will move through back to back Sunday night and Monday night.  That will keep snow going into Tuesday before tapering off. 

Upper mountain winds are gusting to 60+ mph this morning.  That should continue and becoming stronger into Sunday night.  That should affect some upper mountain lift operations.  Temperatures dropping into the 20's for highs through Tuesday.  That means snow ratios will be increasing, and the snow will become more powdery Sunday into Monday.

By Monday morning we could see an additional 15-20 inches at the base, and 20-30 inches on the mountain.  By Tuesday morning we could see another 20-25 inches at the base, and 25-35 inches on the mountain.  A final 2-4 inches is possible Tuesday before the storm winds down.

Storm Totals: 

Total additional snowfall Saturday - Tuesday evening could be 3-4 feet at the base, and 4-5+ feet on the mountain.  The snow becomes more powdery through Tuesday.  Strong winds likely affecting the upper mountain lifts through Monday, with winds coming down Tuesday.  Travel will be very difficult Saturday through Tuesday with low visibility during heavy snow and high winds.


We are in a cold pattern through the end of the week or longer.  Highs only in the 20's.  Expecting dry weather Wednesday and Thursday.

Storms could return next weekend with a pair of cold systems dropping down from the north Friday-Monday.  We will have to watch the track to see if we get weaker storms with light snow, or possibly more if they can pull in some moisture off the ocean.