2018/19 Season Recap

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After 719" of cumulative snowfall (nearly 60 FEET), the snowiest month on record (#februBURIED), 212 days of winter operations, and skiing until July 7, this incredible 2018/19 season at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has finally come to a close.

While it's always bittersweet to pack away our boards and boots for the summer, the 2018/19 season is one we won't soon forget. From all-time Tahoe powder days to summer shredding in our bathing suits, here's a look back at the past 8 months on the slopes:

Novmeber 2018

Opening Day & Our First Snowfall of the Season
Opening Day at Alpine Meadows - November 16, 2018
Opening Day at Alpine Meadows. November 16, 2018. Photo: Ben Arnst

It's almost hard to believe this season kicked off with an Opening Day on entirely manmade snow. Thanks to snowmaking and our hardworking employees, Kangaroo Chair at Alpine Meadows opened for the season on November 16 before the first natural snowfall of the season arrived.

The first real snowfall of the winter arrived on November 22, and the season quickly took a turn for the better! We closed out the month of November with 55" cumulative snowfall on our upper mountain.

December 2018 

Winter Turned On & Some Favorite Lifts Began to Open
KT-22 covered in snow on Dec 7, 2018
KT-22 blanketed in snow. Photo: Ben Birk, December 8, 2018.

Mother Nature continued to deliver in December, bringing awesome early-season conditions and the openings of some of our favorite lifts. At Squaw Valley, Siberia, KT-22, Headwall and Granite Chief all started spinning for the first time in December. At Alpine Meadows, Summit, Scott and Sherwood opened for access to almost the whole mountain.

January 2019 

Over 13 Feet of Snow
Alpine Meadows Scenic Powder Day
Bluebird day at Alpine Meadows. Photo: Ben Arnst from January 10, 2019

Snow seriously started to pile up in the New Year. We received over 13 feet on the upper mountains during the month, with a mix of wet and cold storms that set an incredible base for the next 6 months of skiing. 

Door filled with Snow at Squaw Valley during January 2019
January 19, 2019 at the top of Gold Coast. Photo: Hank DeVre 

74" of snow fell from January 15-18. That's over 6 feet in 4 days! With such a deep base, our mountain ops crews were able to open the coveted Silverado chair and terrain on January 25. 

February 2019 

Snowiest Month on Record 
Snow as high as street signs at Squaw Valley - February 2019
Snow piled as high as the streets signs. Photo: Ben Arnst from February 15, 2019.

Who could forget #februBURIED? It snowed 21 out of 28 days and the monthly total reached 315 inches--that's over 26 FEET. It averaged almost one foot of snow per day making February 2019 the snowiest month at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows on record! 

Skiing Deep Powder at Alpine Meadows
One of the many unforgettable powder days during February. Photo: Ben Arnst, February 11, 2019 after a 52" storm total.

February wasn't just about quantity. With sustained cold temperatures, the quality of snow was just about as good as it gets in Tahoe. We skied some of the deepest and lightest powder in recent years.

March 2019 

Surpassed 600" of Cumulative Snowfall
Huge snowbanks at Alpine Meadows
Huge snowbanks by Summit Chair at Alpine Meadows. Photo: Ben Arnst, March 14, 2019

On March 7 following a 20" storm total, we officially broke the 600" mark for the season! This is only the 4th time in recorded history that our mountains have surpassed 600". 

April 2019 

A Taste of Spring at the Spring Skiing Capital
Snowboarder Riding Sherwood at Alpine Meadows
Spring corn at its best on the backside of Alpine Meadows. Photo: Ben Birk, April 17, 2019

Warmer weather and the classic Sierra Spring corn cycle came as a welcome break to Winter weather this April. Snake runs, goggle tans and wacky outfits sprung up all over the mountains.

May 2019 

Surpassed 700" of Cumulative Snowfall with May Powder 
Travis Ganong skiing powder in May at Squaw Valley
Travis Ganong skiing powder at Squaw Valley on May 16, 2019. Photo: Ben Arnst

Skiing and riding in T-shirts one week, and full-on winter gear the next. Between May 16-27, 3 feet of snow fell on our upper mountains. Not only did we enjoy the late season powder, but we surpassed 700" cumulative snowfall for the season - only the 3rd time in recorded history!

June 2019 

Shredding into Summer & $5 Fridays
4 skiers in Spring at Squaw Valley
Photo: Ben Arnst

We skied straight into summer as Squaw Valley remained open weekends in June. Together with our guests who came out for $5 Fridays, we raised $40,000 to help Tahoe Fund & the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition install bike racks for businesses in the Tahoe Basin.

July 2019 

Squaw Freedom Fest & Skiing Until July 7
Skier on the 4th of July at Squaw Valley
Amie Engerbretson on the summer slopes. Photo: Jeff Engerbretson

Skiing on the 4th of July is the ultimate benchmark of an epic season. And stoke was at an all-time high as skiers and riders flocked to the slopes of Squaw Valley in their red, white and blue for Freedom Fest celebrations. It was a lively 5 days of summer skiing, riding, hot tub parties, epic live music and overall good times to celebrate an incredible season!

Thank You to Squaw Alpine Employees 

 Thank you to our amazing employees for making this season happen! From working all summer to prepare the lifts and opening the season entirely on snowmaking, to tirelessly digging out the mountains as we received record snowfall during the height of winter, you are all worked through the rain, snow, wind and everything else so that we could enjoy an all-time 8 month season.

Squaw Valley Ski Patrol
Employee removing Snow at Squaw Valley
Alpine Meadows Employees shoveling Snow
Plow clearing snow from parking lots at Alpine Meadows
Employee on Snowmobile at Squaw Valley
Groomer at Squaw Valley
Snowmaking at Alpine Meadows
Snowmaker at Alpine Meadows