2+ Feet Possible This Weekend...

Category: Weather

Mild weather today with sun and highs approaching 50 degrees at the base and 40's on the mountain.  

Later tonight into Friday morning light rain should push in and then get heavier through the day on Friday.  The winds will pick up as well with strong gusts of 70-100 mph up top.  

Friday night a cold front slowly pushes through dropping the snow levels to around 8000 feet during the evening, then near 7000 feet around 10 p.m. and to the base around 1 a.m.  We could see 4-7 inches at the base by Saturday morning and 7-18 inches on the mountain from bottom to top.

Then we expect much colder air over the weekend with highs in the 20's and 30's with light snow.  We could see several more inches accumulate over the weekend.  Maybe 3-6 Saturday and another 3-6 Sunday.  By Monday morning we could have totals around 12-15 inches at the base, and 15-30 inches on the mountain from bottom to top.

The colder air hangs around into next week.  We could see a weak storm Tuesday night bring a few inches of snow to the mountain and then another storm Thursday that could bring several inches.  

Then we may go into a dry spell for at least a week as the trough deepens over the East and the ridge strengthens over the West Coast.  The storms may return around the 12th.