18 Inches so far With More Snow Friday and Sunday

Category: Weather

We picked up 18 inches so far from the storm that moved through Thursday into Thursday night.  The snow is still falling Friday morning so we could add a few more inches to that total.

Snow showers will diminish Friday afternoon and then will start back up again by Saturday night as the next storm approaches.  High's will only be in the 20's on the mountain Friday into Saturday with breezy conditions.  We could see gusts up to 35 mph up top.

Sunday morning the next storm moves in.  This storm starts colder but is moving faster.  We could pick up similar amounts of snow with 15-20 inches expected by Monday morning.

Next week we will see a break in the storms with temperatures staying below average in the 20's and 30's.  

The next chance for a storm looks to be around Friday-Saturday of next week.