16-23 Inches So Far

Category: Weather

The storms over the weekend have dropped 16-23 inches over the weekend up top on Squaw and Alpine, and 4-5 inches at the base.  The snow levels were a slower to fall last night than expected so we didn't pick up as much as expected towards the bottom.  It is currently snowing to the base this morning and we could see some light additional accumulations on the mountain today.

Starting Tuesday the quiet weather returns with sunny skies expected into the weekend along with milder temps.

Next week it looks like we may undergo another pattern change.  High pressure may shift to the North towards Alaska allowing storms to cut underneath into CA.  We will be watching this week to see how the pattern may setup and how much precip could potentially push into the area.  Hopefully we have seen the end of the resiliant ridge of high pressure and long dry spells.