15 Inches So Far, With 5 More Days of Snow To Go

Category: Weather
Snowfall Storm #1

The snow moved in by midday yesterday and snow through the night.  It is still snow this morning from the the first storm. So far as of 6 a.m. this morning we picked up 15 inches up top at Squaw and 16 at Alpine. At the base 9 inches for Squaw and 15 inches for Alpine.

  • Cold with snow showers continuing today.  We could see 2-3 addtional inches at the base and 3-5 inches on the mountains. The snow may taper off for a short time this afternoon and evening. Winds gusts up top have dropped this morning to around 60 mph.  We should see them gusting around 50 mph today.
Storm #2
  • The next storm moves in during the early morning hours Friday. We could see a few inches before daybreak.
  • Then heavier snowfall Friday and turning to snow showers Friday night. By Saturday morning we could see an additional 10-14 inches at the base from this storm, and 12-18 inches on the mountains.
  • Saturday morning some lingering snow showers with a few more inches of snow possible. Then we may see another break Saturday afternoon and evening.  Light snow showers may linger on the mountains.
  • Winds should gust 50-60 mph up top with this storm, and then fall off to 30-40 mph for Saturday.
Storm #3 (the biggest)
  • The final storm moves in after midnight Saturday night.  By Sunday morning we could pick up 6-9 inches at the base and 7-12 inches on the mountains.
  • Then the heaviest snow falls Sunday into Sunday night, before lighter snow showers linger into Monday and possibly Monday night. Total additional snowfall from this 2 day storm could be 26-32 inches at the base, and 29-38 inches on the mountains by Tuesday morning.
  • Winds will be strong with this storm, gusting over 100 mph on the peaks Saturday night into Sunday, before starting to come down Sunday night into Monday.
A Prolonged Break in Storms
  • Starting Tuesday high pressure builds in. We should stay in a dry pattern for at least 10 days.
  • There are signs of a possible pattern change around Feb 3rd that could bring back storms.