15 Inches in 24 hrs Makes 42 in 5 Days! Miracle March Winding Down...

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report

An additional 15 inches fell in the past 24 hours and 4 inches at the base. That brings the upper mountain storm total to 4.5 feet, and 18 feet for March!

Today (Sunday)

Sun, clouds, and maybe some afternoon snow showers today. Highs in the 20's on the mountain and 30's at the base. Ridge top wind gusts up to 30 mph.

Out Like a Lamb

Monday through next weekend high pressure builds in with lots of sun and a warming trend. On the upper mountain we have highs in the 30's Monday, 40's Tuesday, and then 50's Wednesday through the weekend. At the base, 40's Monday, 50's Tuesday through Thursday, and then 60's for next weekend.


There are signs that a pattern change the week of the 2nd could bring some cooler air to start the week, and then maybe a storm or two the 5th-9th of April.