14" So Far With Heavy Snow Today, More Snow This Weekend

Category: Weather
Snowfall Report: 14" in 24 Hours

Snow levels dropped to the base briefly overnight with an inch of wet snow.  At 8,000 feet on the mountain we picked up another 11 inches of snow in the past 24 hours, bringing the storm total to 14 inches so far.  We were expecting 12-16 inches so the storm is on track so far.

Thursday: Possible 16-23"

Heavy snowfall continues on the mountain today.  Snow levels have risen up to 7000 feet this morning.  As colder air works in this afternoon they will fall again, likely to the base by evening.  Highs in the 30s today with ridge top wind gusts to 80+mph causing lift closures.

Tonight the snow should end during the evening.  By Friday morning we could have an addtional 1-2" at the base, 14-19" above 7,000 feet, and 16-23" above 8000 feet.

Friday: Possible 2-4" Overnight

Friday during the day we expect a break but colder air moves in with highs only in the 20's on the mountain and 30's at the base.  Winds could still be gusting to 60 mph up top.

Friday night light snow is expected to return. We could see 2-4" of lighter density snow by Saturday morning.

The Weekend: Possible 7-15" 

Snow showers are expected to continue Saturday into Sunday.  There could be some heavier snowfall Saturday night.  Highs stay cold in the 20's on the mountain and 30's at the base.  Winds could still gust to 50 mph on Saturday and then dropping off for Sunday.  By Sunday we could have an additional 7-15" of snow.  

In total we could see an addtional 7-17" at the base and 23-42" of snow on the mountain by Sunday.  That would bring the final storm totals to 3-4+ feet.

Next Week Forecast

High pressure builds in next week with dry weather.  We start cold on Monday with highs in the 20's on the mountain and 30's at the base.  But then warm to 30's and 40's by Tuesday, and 40's and 50's for the 2nd half of the week.

We could see some cooler weather and possibly a storm the week of the 2nd.



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