10-19 Inches So Far, 2 More Feet by Monday Morning

Category: Weather
Storm Report:

We picked up 10 inches at the base and 19 inches up top as of 6 a.m. this morning from the first storm.  The forecast was for 10-15 inches so we did a little better than expected thanks to snow showers firing up behind the front last night!

Storm 2:

We may not see much of a break on Sunday before more snow will push in Sunday afternoon into Monday morning from the next system.  Winds have come down this morning with gusts only to 50+ mph up top which could get some lifts spinning, but high winds will return this afternoon so expect some lift closures.

Snow levels are expected to rise to around 6,500 feet Sunday night, so a change to rain at the base is possible.  Above 6,500 feet we could pick up an additional 18-24 inches at the base, and 24-30 inches on the mountain by Monday morning.

There could still be strong winds Monday morning but they should start to decrease during the afternoon as the storm moves out.  We will have to see if they come down enough to open the upper mountain lifts.


Tuesday is expected to be a dry day with some sun and clouds increasing ahead of the next storm.  Winds could still be gusting to 50 mph up top.

Storm 3:

A 3rd storm is expected to push in by Tuesday evening, and out by Wednesday afternoon.  This storm could have higher snow levels around 7,000 feet with rain at the base.  The latest forecast model runs are weakening this system as it moves in, so the snowfall potential is now only 3-7 inches on the mountain with this storm.


It looks like we could see some drier weather Thursday into Friday, but it may not last long.  The latest forecast model runs are holding together the storms for next weekend now.  We could see another storm Friday night and another next Sunday that bring additional snowfall to the mountain!