Wildflour Baking Company

  • Wildflour Cookies Squaw Valley
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  • Wildflour Cookies Squaw Valley
  • Wildflour Bakery
Hours of Operation: 
Pop up July 4-5; 8am-4pm

Everything you expect, including the unexpected. A local's favorite, Wildflour Baking Company is located on the lower level of Olympic House. Wildflour offers legendary baked goods, tasty breakfasts, and wonderful lunches. Almost everything is made from scratch- baked goods, breads, tortillas, bagels, soups and chili (even the ketchup and sweet, spicy mustard). Come in for Peet's coffee and Sharffen Berger hot chocolate. Real food for Real People. Experience The Power of Wildflour. 

Wildflour Pop-Up July 4-5, 2020

Pop-in to the Wildflour Pop-Up July 4th and 5th (Saturday and Sunday) from 8am-4pm.  They will be selling boxes of their magical chocolate chip cookies - 13 for $25.00.  Look for them outside by Squaw Valley Ski Rentals and Parallel Mountain Sports.  They have a touchless cash register terminal.  

Preorders welcome. Call 530 583-1963 to reserve your cookies. 

Pro tip: their chocolate chip cookies freeze well so stock up!