SquawFree Doggin Fundraiser

April 13, 2019
09:00 AM
  • Lake Tahoe Ski Competition
  • Lake Tahoe Ski Competition

Dust off your old skis, dig out your best outfit and come ski with SquawFree on April 13th. We will have a dual open mogul field Competition with tons of prizes and shenanigans for all! The course is guaranteed to be "hero bumps," without any set lines or man made jumps... Spontaneous airs only!! Event fee will include registration fee, hot dog for lunch, a t-shirt and access to the after party. All $100 will be donated to SquawFree and used for our athlete scholarship program.

Worried you don't still have it?

Well, don't worry, this is just for fun! OK -- maybe it's not for everyone, but there will be different dual brackets based on age and/or ability.

After Party Details
  • Beer & food available
  • Tables will be set up for playing poker.
  • Attendees will buy chips (money is donated) and play at different tables with different SquawFree coaches dealing.
  • When you have won all the chips, you will be able to cash out for swag (skis, poles, sweatshirts, hats, gift cards, etc.)

More details to follow!

Get signed up

Even if you can't make it, sign up, and give back to the sport that gave you so much!!! All proceeds will benefit a kid that loves skiing!

Lake Tahoe Ski Competition