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The Shooting Stars program helps young skiers develop strong fundamental skills, learn to be part of a team, gain a joy and passion for skiing in a fun and challenging team environment. Our experienced coaches focus on progressive skill acquisition, knowledge of the skier’s responsibility code and safe skiing, respect for the mountain, and having fun. Each coach is specially trained to provide a safe, fun learning environment for all levels. Each Shooting Star will gain a solid foundation that will enable him or her to continue on to the Mighty Mites program and will be proud of their skill achievements and help attain a life-long love of skiing.

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Shooting Stars ProgramWeekend & HolidayTuesday/Thursday
DatesDec 7 2019 - Apr 5 2020Jan 9 2020 - Mar 26 2020
Offered TrainingWeekends + HolidaysTuesdays & Thursdays (non-holiday)
Program Guidelines
Shooting Stars Expectations 
PassMust purchase Ikon pass
AgeMust be 4 or 5 as of Dec 31 of current season
Skill Prerequisite
MUST have previous skiing experience
Must be able to stop unassisted
Must be able to ski beginner terrain unassisted
Must be able to turn on beginner terrain
Must be able to glide (semi-parallel across fall-line & on flats)
Able to put on & take off skis unassisted
Edgie-wedgie, leash & other training aids not permitted
Must be able to participate in full training session without parent interaction
Must be able to put on and take off skis with little assistance
Must be able to ski without parents
Skis: 1 pair carving-style skis chin high; owned or seasonal lease (no rentals); in good condition
Boots: must be properly fit (size/flex) and in excellent working order
Protection: Helmet & goggles required
ScheduleTeam Calendar
Holiday Training
Must be registered for "Weekend & Holiday" team to participate in midweek holiday training
Tuesday/Thursday team is for non-holiday as specified in team calendar
ParticipationAthletes are expected to participate in 65% or more of offered training
Annual Training Plan
We ski & get mileage! 
85-95% coached/directed freeskiing
5-10% coached drills
5% intro to training runs (gate training) 
Pick Up / Drop OffBase of Funitel, uphill side near "Big Tree" 
Dressed warmer than parents
Small healthy snack & $3 in pocket if you wish your child to have a cup of hot chocolate
Properly hydrated with a full belly from a healthy breakfast
Arrives with a quick smile & ready to ski in all types of weather
Break/SnackWe take a quick snack break
LunchNo lunch provided. Parents pick up before lunch. 
EventsShooting Stars will have at least one race and a "Big" Air scheduled for weekends & holiday team. Subject to change due to weather & condition. 
Required to attend parent orientation
Required to remain on-site during team
This is not a true-beginner/first-timers program. Children must have prior experience & enjoy outdoor sports. 
You must dress your child warmer than you dress yourself. 
Must complete Team Agreement (Code of Conduct) 
Must remain actively engaged with Team communication method(s) and check schedule/updates regularly. 
CommunicationParents will be registered or directed to register on Team communication platform after enrollment is complete. 
Challenging WeatherOur goal is to ski every calendared Team day. Teams are delayed or canceled on occasion due to weather & operations. Team schedule adjustments will be communicated through Team communication platforms as information is readily available. 
Program PlacementParticipants may be required to switch to a more appropriate program, if available, at the discretion of Team Manager. 
Program Pricing
Shooting Stars PricingWeekend & HolidayTuesday/Thursday
PassPASS NOT INCLUDED. Must purchase an Ikon pass.PASS NOT INCLUDED. Must purchase an Ikon pass.

Enroll Online

 Questions? Call 530-452-7270 or email skiteam@squawalpine.com.  DRIVN subscription required for Training and Communication, please contact your Team Manager or the Team Administrative office for access.