E-store & Login FAQ

Having trouble with our e-stores?

For the Tahoe Super 4 Pack, Tahoe Super 2 Pack, Teams, members' lockers, and preferred parking, please use this link

For individual day tickets, lodging, tubing, snowmobiling, event tickets, and ski/snowboard lessons (including The North Face Mountain Guides), please use this link.

For Ikon Pass information, please visit their login page here


Why have I had to enter a login multiple times? 

We have two platforms for our products this year. We recommend making your username and password the same for both so that it is easier to remember. 

Why isn't my password from last year working? 

If you're having trouble finding your account, use this link. Please note that some of our products have migrated to a different e-commerce site this year, so if you cannot find your old account, you need to make a new one. For a new account to purchase the Tahoe Super 2 pack, members' lockers, teams, and preferred parking, please use this link. To purchase individual day tickets, lodging, the Spring Ticket Trio, event tickets, camps, and ski school products, please use this link, and you will be prompted to create an account upon checkout. 

Can I buy a 4-pack and book lodging at the same time? 

4-packs and lodging are on different platforms this year. Please use this link 4 Packs and this link for lodging, day tickets, event tickets, camps, and ski/snowboard lessons.