Chariot Transit

Our Winter 2016-17 pilot program with Chariot for free in valley transportation was a success. Here's what we provided:

Complimentary, easy and hassle free

We offered an intra-valley transit program in partnership with Chariot. Chariot provided free transportation for residents and guests visiting Squaw Valley. 

How it works
  1. Download the app available on iTunes Store and Google Play Store or visit to get started
  2. Schedule your chariot and your space is reserved. No need to wait at a crowded stop and hope there's room for you.
  3. Watch your Chariot's progress on the app so you don't have to wait outside in the winter weather.

Chariot Route Details 

Fixed Route Service
  • Going to and from the mountain at designated pick up/drop off locations
  • Offered 8am-10am and 3-5pm
  • Runs every 15-20 min
  • 30 pick up locations at Squaw Valley
Doorstep Service
  • Going to and from the mountain right to your doorstep
  • Offered 10am-3pm 

* Chariot only available at Squaw Valley. You cannot get picked up at Alpine Meadows and be dropped off at an address in Squaw Valley or vice versa. If you need to go between our two mountains you take the Squaw Alpine Express.

Pick up / drop off locations 

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley East

  • Tavern Inn: 225 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley Academy: 235 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley Rd & Indian Trail: 400 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley Rd & Winding Creek Rd: 798 Squaw Valley Rd
  • 330 Winding Creek Rd
  • Winding Creek Rd & Tiger Tail Rd: 221 Winding Creek Rd
  • Forest Glen Rd & Tiger Tail Rd: 206 Forest Glen Rd
  • 131 Tiger Tail Rd
  • 194 Tiger Tail Rd
  • 171 Tiger Tail Rd
  • Squaw Valley & Tiger Tail Rd: 620 Squaw Valley Rd
  • 720 Squaw Valley Rd
  • 940 Squaw Valley Rd 

Squaw Valley West

  • Russell Rd & Squaw Valley Rd: 1073 Russell Rd
  • Sandy Way & Wayne Rd: 1181 Sandy Way
  • 1409 Sandy Way
  • 1559 Sandy Way
  • Sandy Way & Navajo Ct: 1689 Sandy Way
  • Sandy Way & Paiute Pl: 1799 Sandy Way
  • Christy Ln & Sandy Way: 1740 Christy Ln
  • Lanny Ln & Christy Ln: 1724 Christy Ln
  • 1580 Lanny Ln
  • Lanny Ln & Christy Ln: 1460 Lanny Ln
  • Squaw Valley Rd & Wayne Rd: 1190 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley & Eric Rd: 1340 Squaw Valley Rd
  • 1500 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Queen of the Snows Catholic Church: 1550 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley Rd & Christy Hill Rd: 1602 Squaw Valley Rd
  • Squaw Valley Rd & Christy Ln: 1800 Squaw Valley Rd
  • The Village at Squaw Valley: 1985 Squaw Valley Rd 


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