Season Pass FAQ

Looking for 2016-17 Tahoe Super Pass FAQ? Click here.

What are the different ways to buy my pass?
  • Purchase online
  • Purchase by calling 800-403-0206 during business hours
  • In person at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows
  • The Mountain Concierge Store located in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport
How can I sign my 2017-18 release of liability?


Download form, sign and return

What are the 2017-18 season pass blackout periods at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows?
  • Gold: none
  • Silver: (10 blackout dates) December 26 - 31, 2017; January 13 - 14, 2018; February 17 - 18, 2018
  • Bronze: (All Saturday/Sunday beginning April 1, 2017 and 10 blackout dates) All Saturday and Sunday's; December 26 - 31, 2017; January 13 - 14, 2018; February 17 - 18, 2018;
  • College: none
If I already purchase my season pass, can I upgrade at a later time?

If you decide, at a future date, to upgrade your pass, you will pay the difference at the rate on the date you upgrade. Ex: You purchased your bronze pass on April 10, 2017 for $499. On December 22, 2017 you decide to upgrade to Silver. You will pay the difference between the $499 bronze pass purchased on April 10 and the current silver pass price on December 22. Please note the Worry-Free Guarantee will only apply to Gold & Silver passes.

What other resorts do I have access to with my 2017-18 Tahoe Super Pass?


Gold passholders receive 50% off at Mountain Collective Resorts and discounts at Mountain Collective international affiliate resorts. Please refer to the affiliate page for affiliate resort details.

What is "Adult Lift Charge Enrollment"?

Lift Charge Enrollment allows you to have a credit card on file for automatic charges on blackout dates. With this feature you have the option to skip the ticket window and go directly to lift on blackout dates. Your credit card that is on file will be automatically charged the discounted rate and your pass will be valid all day. This feature does not apply to Gold Season Passes.

After I purchase my Tahoe Super Pass, what do I need to do?

If you are a 2016-17 passholder, good news, we will load your new 2017-18 pass onto your existing pass card. If you did not purchase your pass online you must sign your Release of Liability waiver. To verify your pass is active, please call 800-403-0206 during business hours.

If you are a new passholder, you will need to upload a photo online. Once you have uploaded a photo and signed your liability waiver we can mail out your season pass. You can also stop by our Season Pass Office to take your photo.

What is auto-renew and when do I get charged?

No need to call us or remember cut-off dates. We will automatically renew your pass prior to prices going up. 2016-17 pass holders will be charged the week of April 10, 2017.

How do I upload or change my pass photo?

You can upload and change your pass photo online or by coming into the guest services office at Squaw located next to the Funitel or at Alpine in the main lodge (this office is not open during the summer).

What are the season pass / guest services office hours of operation?

8:30am-4:30pm seven days a week. Please visit our hours of operations page as hours are subject to change.

What are the requirements for the College Season Pass?
  • Full time College students in the United States only that purchase in the spring must show valid government issued photo ID and proof of enrollment by logging into the accredited school's online portal with a sales agent. 
  • To purchase a pass in the spring of 2017 you must provide proof after April 1, 2017 and again after November 1, 2017 for the 2017-18 season.
  • Full-time Undergraduate Student Requirements: 12 credits or more at an accredited United States College or University.
  • Full-time Graduate/Technical Student Requirements: 6 credits or more at an accredited United States College, University or Technical school. 
What benefits are included with my season pass?

We are glad you asked! Your Tahoe Super Pass comes with so many benefits, we can’t list them all. Depending on the pass you purchased your benefits could include discounted friend and family tickets, deals on lodging, discounts on food, retail and lessons, and so much more. View all of our pass holder perks here.

Can I transfer or give my pass to a friend or family member?

No, season passes are non-transferable and cannot be shared or used by anyone other than the actual passholder. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows will prosecute individuals that share their season pass or lift tickets.

Defrauding an Innkeeper - California Penal Code 537 [2] [b]

  • (b) Any person who uses or attempts to use ski area facilities for which payment is required without paying as required, or who resells a ski lift ticket to another when the resale is not authorized by the proprietor, is guilty of an infraction.
What happens if I lose my pass?

We will happily reissue your pass in the season pass office with a reissue fee. You may also call 800-403-0206 and we can print and mail your Season Pass to you.

Can my season pass be revoked?

Yes. Your season pass is the property of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. If any Squaw Alpine staff determine that a passholder exhibits improper, endangering or illegal behavior, the pass and all privileges and benefits associated with the pass will be revoked for a specific period of time up to and including the remainder of the season, dependent upon the nature of the offense at the discretion of the resort staff. 

What are the age categories for season passes?

Age ranges are as follows: Adult (19-64), Young Adult (13-18), Child (5-12), Senior (65+65-75), Super Senior (76+). Children 4 and under receive a free Season Pass with age verification. Age is defined by the age you are on the day that you purchase your pass. 

Do you offer adaptive season passes?

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows offers discounted products and services to our guests with disabilities. View requirements and pricing

Still need assistance?

If you need further assistance, please contact us at 800-403-0206 or use our live chat functionality during business hours or email us at

What is the Squaw Valley® | Alpine Meadows® Worry Free Guarantee?

We get it. Weather happens, obligations happen, life happens and we want to make your season pass purchase a worry-free one. If you don’t ski or ride at least 5 days next season for any reason, we’ll credit your account the value of up to 4 days toward your 2018-19 Gold or Silver Tahoe Super Pass purchase next spring. 

How will the 2017-18 credit amount be calculated?

Qualifying passholders' accounts will receive the below credit amount based on pass type and age group for each unused day up to 4 days.

Adult (19-64)$80$60
Young Adult (13-18)$69$51
Child (5-12)$46$34
Senior (65+)$69$51
Super Senior (76+)$46$34
Does the Worry-Free Guarantee apply for College, Bronze passes?

No, the offer is only valid on full-priced Gold and Silver Tahoe Super Pass.

What counts toward total days skied in the 2017-18 season?
  • Any day or part of day skied with your pass at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows during the 2017-18 winter season starting April 1, 2017
  • Any paid visits (i.e. you bought a ticket) on any Silver pass blackout dates do not count toward days skied
  • Summer Tram rides do not count
Can the Worry-Free Guarantee credit be used toward any 2018-19 season pass?

Your account's Worry-Free Guarantee credit can be used toward the same pass type you purchased or higher. Credit from a Gold pass can be used toward another Gold Tahoe Super Pass for yourself and Silver credit can be used toward a Silver or Gold Tahoe Super Pass for yourself.

Can I use my credit towards a Bronze or College 2018-19 pass?

No, the Worry-Free Guarantee is not available for bronze or college passes. The bronze passes are already highly discounted passes.

Can I use my Worry-Free Guarantee credit to buy a pass for someone else?

No, your account credit can only be used toward your own qualifying 2018-19 pass purchase, not anyone else’s pass purchase even if the pass is for your child.

When do I receive my Worry-Free Guarantee credit?

Your account credit will be calculated at the end of the 2017-18 winter season after Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows close for skiing & riding. The credit will be issued after the resort closes for the season. The credit must be used by July 31.  

If I purchase season pass insurance, can I collect reimbursement from my insurance and still receive the Worry-Free Guarantee credit?

No, you will not be able to receive the Pass Insurance reimbursement as well as the Worry-Free Guarantee credit. You will have to choose which credit to receive. Keep in mind that Worry-Free Guarantee does not apply to Bronze or College passes.

If I upgrade in December to Gold or Silver do I get the credit?

No, the Worry-Free Guarantee is only offered for passes sold during our spring sales period.

If I already purchase my season pass, can I upgrade at a later time?

Yes, you can upgrade your pass any time at the current rate. However, the Worry-Free Guarantee only applies to Gold and Silver Tahoe Super Passes.

Does the Adaptive Pass qualify for the Worry-Free Guarantee? 

Yes. This pass is heavily discounted so the unused days qualifies at $22/day.

Insurance for your season pass through Travel Guard

You've saved. You’ve planned. You've looked forward to it for months. But things don't always go according to plan. A Travel Guard insurance plan can provide coverage for you and your pass investment when the unexpected happens.

The plan may provide coverage if:

  • You or someone in your family has an illness or injury
  • You become injured and are unable to use your pass
  • Your residence is uninhabitable by a natural disaster, vandalism, or burglary

Please review the Description of Coverage for details. To view the complete description of coverage, click here.

Questions? Call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839

Why should I purchase insurance for my season pass investment? 

You've saved, you've waited, and finally the season is here. Preparing for your season includes covering yourself for unfortunate occurrences that can interfere with even your best­laid plans. By purchasing a travel insurance plan, you can insure yourself for trip cancellation/interruption due to covered reasons, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveler's assistance services.

What does this plan cover due to Trip Cancellation? 

Multiple Event Registration Cancellation & Interruption covers the cost of your season pass if you are no longer able to use the pass for reasons such as sickness, injury or death; primary residence being made uninhabitable; called to active military service, aid, or leave is revoked or reassigned; complications of pregnancy; involuntary employer-initiated transfer; or being a victim of a felonious assault. Please consult the Description of Coverage for complete details.

Where can I call for more information? 

You may call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839, with any questions regarding the Multi Event insurance. Available 24/7, our service representatives will be happy to assist you.

When is the latest the insurance can be purchased? 

The coverage must be purchased at least 24 hours prior to event date.

How do I file a claim? 

In the event of a claim, please notify your booking agent immediately. Then call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839 and refer to product #101074 P2 OR P3 to start your claim.

To view the complete description of coverage, click here.