Locker Rentals

We offer locker storage for daily or seasonal needs

Members Locker Room

Season-long locker membership at the Members Locker Room is conveniently located at the base of the Funitel (adjacent to ski team drop off, preferred parking). Locker rental includes access to members only restrooms, tuning room, and a lounge area and is valid through the end of the 2016-17 winter season.

The Tram Club

Enjoy a season-long locker membership in our premier Tram Club which is just steps away from our Aerial Tram that goes directly to High Camp. Membership includes a dedicated tuning room, boot dryers and customized lockers, daily coffee and tea service. 

2017-18 Seasonal Lockers
TypeRate (renewal / new member)
Members Locker Room$1,299
Tram Club$1,049

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Have questions? Give us a call: 

  • Members Locker Room: 530-452-7204
  • Tram Club: 530-452-4580
  • General Information: 800-403-0206

Alpine Locker Room summer access is limited to Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, please call the phone number listed on the lobby door to get access. Friday - Sunday by appointment only; please call 800-403-0206 to set up an appointment.

2017-18 Seasonal Lockers
TypeRates thru May 31
Locker Room 1 (24")$1074
Locker Room 2 (17")$794
Locker Room 2 (24")$984
Locker Room 3 (18.5")$625
Locker Room 5 (24")$1054
Locker Room 6 (17" electronic key)$1010
Locker Room 6 (24" electronic key)$1144

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Have questions? Give us a call at 800-403-0206

Locker Room 3 Renovation 

Locker room 3 now features renovated walls and flooring and brand new metal lockers measuring 19" x 21". Locker Room 3 will still have the tuning bench and access to the restrooms with more open space with table seating in the side room, main room and first aid area. Check out the new room map and sample locker here.

Day lockers make for easy storage of extra clothing and gear with unlimited access throughout the day.

Squaw Valley Daily Locker Locations
  • Lower level of Olympic House next to Pocket Bar and Dave's Deli
  • High Camp
  • Gold Coast
Alpine Meadows Daily Locker Locations
  • First floor of base lodge
Daily Locker Rates

Have questions? Give us a call:

  • Members Locker Room: 530-452-7204
  • Tram Club: 530-452-4580
  • General Information: 800-403-0206