Locker Rentals

We offer locker storage for daily, nightly, weekly, monthly or seasonal needs

2015-16 Seasonal Lockers
Type Rate
Members Locker Room $1,099
Tram Locker Room $789

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Have questions? Give us a call at 530-452-7204 or 800-403-0206

2015-16 Seasonal Lockers
Type Rate
Locker Room 1 (24") $1,009
Locker Room 2 (24") $919
Locker Room 3 (12" / 15") $549
Locker Room 5 (24") $1,009
Locker Room 6 (24" electronic key) $1,069

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Have questions? Give us a call at 800-403-0206

Day lockers make for easy storage of extra clothing and gear with unlimited access throughout the day.

Squaw Valley Locker Locations
  • Lower level of Olympic House next to Pocket Bar and Dave's Deli
  • High Camp
  • Gold Coast
  • Overnight storage*: Aerial Tram Building in base area
Alpine Meadows Locker Locations
  • First floor of base lodge
  • Overnight storage*: Locked facility adjacent to the Roundhouse chairlift

*A refundable deposit of $20 will be charged for each key at the time of booking. Overnight locker rentals can be purchased at the Locker Room in Tram Building, at the Guest Services & Sales Center or with a vacation booking through Central Reservations.

Daily/Weekly Locker Rates
Type Rate
Daily $8
Overnight / 1 day $30
2 days $40
3 days $50
4 days $60
Weekly $80
Monthly (4 weeks) $350