Terrain Parks

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  • wu tang jumps 2-resized.jpg
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  • CM AF Rainbow 1-1-18- resized.jpg
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  • Sketchy Jeff 4th jump-
  • Kolin 1st jump underflip Lake backdrop
  • Jeff Smith Mini Pipe
  • noble gc
  • eliza zeech
  • Dustin 4th jump
  • Matt Kaiser double slider down rail
  • Oakley Palisades Bricen
  • Christian Moorhouse dub slider
  • sandoval 2-14
  • Grinding rails at Gold Coast Park
  • Having a blast on new features at Squaw Valley!
  • Box Slide at Squaw Valley Terrain Park
  • Jibbing at Alpine Meadows
  • Big air at Gold Coast Terrain Park
  • Zach boardslide Dub Slider Whale Tail
  • GoPro Feature at Gold Coast Terrain Park
  • Jumping the stairs at Alpine Meadows
  • Jumping features at Squaw Valley
  • This kid has style! Riding Rails at Alpine Meadows
Check back next week for feature updates.... we will be rebuilding soon!
Gold Coast Park :: Updated March 21, 2018
Belmont Park :: Updated March 21, 2018
High Camp Start Park :: March 21,  2018
Check back for feature updates...we will be rebuilding soon!
Tiegel :: Updated March 21, 2018

Park Smart Style

Smart Style and Park Smart are all about safety – having the knowledge and the plan to enjoy freestyle terrain. Take a look at the five points of Park Smart and check out terrainparksafety.org for even more tips. 


Learn how you can be a safer skier/snowboarder in the park with the #KnowYourPark B.A.S.I.C.S Program presented by High Fives Foundation.