Merry Days & Holly Nights Opening Ceremonies

Join us for the Opening Ceremonies of the second annual Merry Days & Holly Nights. The evening will be filled with a glowstick parade and a first look at Merry Wonderland filled with an ice garden, singing Christmas Tree, and taste of Squaw Valley. All are invited & ignite the holiday spirit!

Glowstick Parade, Merry Wonderland Details

Santa will lead the parade in a one horse open sleigh through Squaw's "Ye Olde Christmas Village" collecting villagers, travelers, and guests alike to make their way to the KT Base Bar. Watch the Glowstick Parade begin from the KT Deck and march over to Merry Wonderland (Olympic Village Lodge). Fire dancers will display a daring dance leading into the illumination of the Winter Walk. 

Follow Santa as he continues his parade to Merry Wonderland where guests can feast their eyes on the Ice Garden, hear the sounds of the Truckee Tahoe Community Chorus in the Singing Christmas Tree, and delight their palates with the Taste of Squaw—a complementary tasting of signature items offered by Squaw’s Village and Mountain dining establishments.