Spring Music Series

  • Spring Music Series at Alpine Meadows
  • Alpine Meadows Ski Resort

The Spring Music Series returns this year with five music-filled weekends. Talented musicians take center stage on the deck at Alpine Meadows for a spring filled with great skiing and exceptional FREE live music.

Music Schedule
2017 DatesBandSpring Dress-Up Theme
April 8Joy & Madness Onesies 
April 9SambadaOnesies
April 15The Blues MonstersCrazy Helmets and Hats
April 16IdeateamCrazy Helmets and Hats
April 22Midtown Social Caddyshack
April 23Peter Joseph Burtt & The Kingtide Caddyshack
April 29LumanationNeon
April 30Scarlet MoonNeon